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While many have experimented with the use of “shrooms,” few have had a full-on shamanic experience. I liken it to hanging out in the lobby of a movie theater, while not going inside to see the show. Until you cross over into the spirit realms, experiencing what some term “ego death,” you can’t understand what the plot is about. I’ve published the Magic Mushroom Guide to be used as a resource to prepare for your experience and try to make sense of it all. I addition, I am available to book lectures and one-on-one consultations.




Growing mushrooms is a lot of fun, and is an excellent way to prepare for our entheogenic experiences. The process teaches us an appreciation for nature; and empathy for a living, growing thing that promises to repay our kindness with amazing insights. I am available to book lectures and one-on-one consultations.




I have no desire to control anything, but am here to serve as a resource for individuals and emerging spiritual communities. This includes guiding individuals one-on-one, guiding group ceremonies, leading integration circles, and providing individual post-trip support.

If you need support, please check out my Book Online page.

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