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My mission is to create a framework that provides spiritual healing for those who can least afford it, and my goal is to raise $200,000 in the coming months to fund start-up costs.  We should not be required to "pay to pray."  I welcome your involvement in anyway you’re able to help facilitate this model.


In the near term, communicating the overall vision requires resources. I incur design and print costs for this website, stickers, event fliers, and the guidebook. You may choose to sponsor a particular lecture, or the printing of ten guidebooks.  Donations & offers of service are much appreciated.  


Going forward, I’m seeking hosts to offer their homes or land for ceremonies. If you don’t have an established community to help and/or attend, I hope to be able to connect people who live in close proximity or are willing to travel. You don’t need any particular qualifications other than a desire to provide a comfortable space to facilitate spiritual healing.






  •  Learn to cultivate mushrooms to promote the “grow, gather, gift model”;

  •  Tap into your inner knowing, and gift them to your friends;

  • Donation of a laminar flow hood with a HEPA for sterile cultivation;

  •  Organize and host a ceremony at your location in Colorado;

  •  If you live outside of Colorado, organize a junket and rent a space in SW Colorado, and invite your friends to attend a ceremony here;

  •  Construct a ceremonial space to be used by your local community.  Seriously, we’re going to need it.




  •  Attend ceremonies to offer support (as directed by your shaman) to participants who need it;

  •  Learn dream interpretation to support those who are in the preparation phase;

  •  Host preparation gatherings for those preparing, attended by the more experienced in your group;

  •  Host integration gatherings;


Administrative Needs:


  •  Nonprofit administration, including accounting and finance functions;

  •  Digital administration, including social media;

  •  Merch order fulfillment.


Financial Needs:


  •  Contributions to the General Fund for administrative expenses;

  •  Contributions to the Capital Fund to purchase land construct improvements;

  •  Contributions to cover the hard cost of any of the needs above, including hiring personnel.

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