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Mushrooms vs. MDMA

Nothing to which we can addict is healing anything. Rather, it’s repressing it until it resurfaces.

Given the relative safety and efficacy of true entheogens versus Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine, why would anyone choose the latter? It’s because entheogens force us to face ourselves, and the MDMA does not. It’s literally a blue pill versus red pill choice. Uncomfortable truth, versus blissful ignorance.

MDMA is well known for releasing our inhibitions, AKA conscience. However, we don’t ever get a free pass when we cause harm to others. There are consequences.

True entheogens will show us the ways in which we cause harm to others, and provide us an opportunity to change our heart’s intention, which has implications that transcend this lifetime. We are neither healing the individual, nor advancing the higher good of our society by promoting this drug.

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