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Encountering Demons

Encountering what we may term demons is rarely discussed, because the fact that it happens and the reason for it highlights these ARE spiritual experiences rather than a mental health therapy for profit.

But it’s extremely important that we get right the reasons some encounter demons, and that’s why it’s really the only bit of dogma I’ve included in our Statement of Beliefs:

“Moral Code

Morality is defined “as principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.”

Our primary fundamental belief is that in the spirit realms, like attracts like based on our heart’s vibration. This is a very important truth, and receiving it as such is necessary before we enter those realms. Otherwise, once truth has been revealed to us, to deny those truths can cause within us spiritual conflicts that may be difficult to resolve.

Based on our own entheogenic experiences, we know that they cause us to confront our morality, as the spirits know EVERYTHING about us, including our heart’s intentions. In order to access the higher spiritual realms, we must refine our heart’s intentions such that we are a vibrational match for those spirits. When we embody a lower vibration, we come into contact with lower spirits. We must pay close attention to where we land during these experiences. If we find the spirits we encounter distasteful, that is an indication that substantive change is necessary before we make our transition upon death. We are encouraged to change our heart’s vibration, which then informs our behaviors toward others and ourselves.”

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