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Scared Sexuality

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Conversation with the Moon

January 2021 - wolf moon

She was very powerful, a bit lusty, and completely over the toxic masculine bullshit.  (The divine feminine has been a major theme for years now).

She said it’s time for the feminine to take back their power by exercising their power of choice over their masculine partners.  They are to choose masculine partners who have cleared their energy 100% such that they can function as an energetic ground.

The masculine is to bring the feminine to ecstatic, orgasmic states, ground her energy, and hold space for her whilst her consciousness travels to the cosmic realms to fetch divinely inspired projects and ideas to be birthed into this realm.

So there you have it.  With all the bullshit we’ve been experiencing, I sense many with feminine energy are over it too and are about to dump their toxic partners, find the dudes who’ve done their work, and we will see a feminine Reniassance of sorts emerge.

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